Dr. Aysel Ahadova

Currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Applied Tumor Biology, University Hospital Heidelberg, I graduated from Azerbaijan Medical University in 2011. Upon receiving a 3-year DAAD scholarship I came to Germany to realize my dream of working in cancer research and started with my doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. von Knebel Doeberitz. During the PhD years I was involved in several projects studying microsatellite unstable cancers and did research on identification of novel drugs and drug combinations targeting glucose metabolism in cancer cells.

One particular topic of my research is Lynch syndrome carcinogenesis. I work on revealing the molecular nature of Lynch syndrome-associated cancers in order to improve the therapeutic and preventive options for patients with cancer predisposition. My vision is to develop treatment strategies that reduce mortality and improve life quality of patients.

Another focus of my research is Lynch syndrome immune biology. I am the local project coordinator of the INDICATE Network aiming to delineate the role of HLA genotype as a potential cancer risk modifier in Lynch syndrome. I am also involved in the NCI-funded CAP-IT U54 project aiming at developing next-generation cancer immunoprevention approaches.

Publications / Output

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